Bhanu Prasad

I am Bhanu Prasad, currently serving as a Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciencesat Florida A&M University (FAMU) in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. I received Master of Technology and Ph.D. degrees, both in computer science, from Andhra University and Indian Institute of Technology Madras respectively.  I worked with software companies, Future Software (which became part of Aricent, then Altran, now Capgemini Engineering), Infosys, and Hyperion Solutions Corporation (now part of Oracle). I also served as an Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Sciences at Georgia Southwestern State University.

My research interests include: Artificial Intelligence with a special focus on knowledge representation, reasoning, and  intelligent information retrieval; and software engineering. I published several refereed articles, book chapters, or books in computer science. I voluntarily served as a program committee member, reviewer, co-chair, chair, keynote speaker, editorial board member and guest editor for several international conferences, journals, or books. My teaching interests include AI, operating systems, computer networks, software engineering, theory of computation, etc. My office phone number is: 1-850-412-7359. My personal email address is: bhanupvsr[AT]

I have been working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for quite sometime. Does AI replace humans? I often read news on this. For example, Stephen Hawking warned that AI may replace humans. It seems, he did not understand the difficulty of "importing" human commonsense knowledge to computers. I would like to see an AI system which, at least, can mimic the intelligence of a typical 5 year old child in most aspects. If you have such information, please let me know.

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